‍‍‍Open Min‍‍‍d Music

Open Mind Music is about being open to all kinds of music and letting discoveries happen along the way

"If it sounds good, it is good"

-Duke Ellington

Did you know?
Henry is a DJ on KXSF

Did you know?
Open Mind Music partners with the RIC Bar

Did you know?
Open Mind Music was founded in 1994 in San Francisco

Did you know?
We sell turntables and stereo equipment

Did you know?
Store stock is updated daily

Did you know?
We have classics and collectables

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Did you know?
We sell gift certificates

Open Mind Music   5517 College Ave. Oakland CA 94618‍‍‍

WED, THURS, FRI - ‍‍‍2-8 / SATURDAY - 12-8 / SUNDAY - 12-6 / CLOSED‍‍: MON & TUES‍‍‍