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DJs & collectors from around the world come to dig for sonic delights

Internationally Known

The vision of the R.I.C. owners, coupled with Henry’s musical interest and vast vinyl inventory has formed a retail collaboration that aims to bring quality music to the community along with a great place to convene with friends and neighbors.

Great selection, great people and a great location. I‍‍‍f you are looking for hard to find, interesting vinyl LPs then this is the place.

Heaven for Record Lo‍‍‍vers

Open Mind Mu‍‍‍sic ‍‍‍

Open Mind Music   5517 College Ave. Oakland CA 94618

WED, THURS, FRI - 2-8 / SATURDAY - 12-‍‍‍8 / SUNDAY - 12-6 / CLOSED‍‍: MON & TUES